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Summary of this site about singing lessons or performances that are available from Ilona:
Singing lessons 
These include classical music genres as well as other music genres, Ilona’s own background being in the classical genre (see below). From September 2020, Ilona will only offer singing lessons online, and no longer in person; the length of lessons can vary from 10 minutes to longer, e.g. an hour. The length and frequency of the lessons are flexible and determined by the student, appointments being arranged at mutual convenience and not necessarily at regular intervals or fixed times.

Voice lessons in free style (sailing unchartered waters)
In these lessons you will learn how to improvise using your voice, and to venture out of your everyday habits. The lessons (actually coaching) will be given online, prior musical knowledge is not required. These lessons have the feel of a personal experience, exploring the options and possibilities of your own voice.

Recitals (classical song concerts)

Ilona performs as a mezzo-soprano and she enjoys, depending on the client’s wishes, to include a short talk about the songs during the recital, speaking in either English or Dutch. Songs in the light genre can also, on occasion, be included in these recitals. Ilona enjoys bringing a ‘touch of entertainment’ to her recitals, giving them a festive note as appropriate to the occasion. Venues may be in or outdoors.
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Song-act performances are usually a mix of classical and entertainment. They provide an extra feature to enhance occasions such as lectures, (garden)parties, weddings, special dinners, et cetera. Song-acts can be performed outdoors, with or without the accompaniment of a pianist.


For further information about any of the above mentioned singing lessons or performances, please feel free to email Ilona Stokvis at claxons@xs4all.nl
Your email will be answered as soon as possible, and should you wish to leave your phone number behind, you will be contacted by phone.

Performing Activities: Ilona has given solo-performances in many small concert halls throughout the Netherlands, accompanied by various pianists. She has a long-standing classical recitals collaboration with pianist Annemarie de Boer. In addition, as of 2016, they form the ‘Trèfle Trio’ together with flautist Noortje Huiskens.
Ilona has often performed classical songs in a comical ambiance.
Furthermore, she has produced her own children’s concert, performed between 2010 and 2015 in various small concert halls and the small halls in various Dutch theatres.
Between 2000 - 2013 she was regulary engaged as a freelance singer with the choir of the National Opera.
In the period 1990’s - 2008, Ilona played several different character roles in a variety of family oriented musical productions. She has also played roles in opera productions of small companies, often for children and occasionally for adults.
Ilona can be heard as a solo artist on a number of CD’s, such as the CD “Jean Wiéner Chamber Music”.
Education: Ilona studied classical singing and received her diploma ’Teaching Musician classical solo-singing’ in 1990, both at the Rotterdam Conservatorium with Margreet Honig.
Since then she has followed singing lessons and masterclasses with a large number of classical singers and received vocal coaching from a variety of piano accompanists.
E.g. she has followed several for her meaningfull lessons with the pianist and singing coach Brian Masuda until March 2020.
For the purpose of broadening her teaching practise she has also followed the courses Estill Voice Training and Universal Voice, both levels 1 and 2

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